mbuf clusters

Dave Raven dave at reason.za.org
Wed Mar 26 18:05:06 PST 2003

Thanks for the quick response, but I've looked into the 
options in the kernel, and to no avail. No matter what 
I set the mbuf clusters to, it just fills up. The larger the 
amount of clusters, the longer it takes, but it still fills up.

Unless you meant 
options         LIBMCHAIN               #mbuf management library

In which case I'm not really sure how that would help me as it 
seems to just be there to aid smb and nfs in some way (hard to 
find details). Could you perhaps explain this to me?

Thanks again

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: grep mbuf /usr/src/sys/i386/conf/LINT
: :)
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: Hi all, 
:     I have a FreeBSD box running a squid cache, 
:     FreeBSD 4.7-RELEASE-p9 i386, squid built 
:     from latest ports. (2.5-STABLE1). I'm not absolutely
:     sure, but it appears that whenever I am running squid, 
:     the mbuf clusters on the bsd box rise at a steady rate, 
:     before reaching the limit, and the box's network failing 
:     to work. The box is under very small load and this 
:     is certainly not expected behaviour (I also have mbuf 
:     clusters set at 33280). I know this is not neccessarily 
:     a FreeBSD related question, but I am wondering how 
:     I can find out what it is that is using up the mbuf clusters 
:     without freeing them, as they steadily raise until they 
:     reach the max... How can I obtain more information 
:     about the mbuf cluster usage? (right now I'm just 
:     using netstat -m) Is there a way to force clearing them?
:     Or to flush inactive usage, or anything?
:     Quite lost here.
: Thanks
: Dave
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