/usr/share/man - Rules for showing/gernerating manual pages

parv parv_fm at emailgroups.net
Wed Mar 26 17:21:07 PST 2003

in message <20030325233934.GD2387 at gothmog.gr>,
wrote Giorgos Keramidas thusly...
> On 2003-03-25 14:48, parv <parv_fm at emailgroups.net> wrote:
> > Could somebody tell me what are the rules for showing/generating man
> > pages in (man|cat)? directories (in /usr/share/man)?
> >
> Manpages are an integral part of the program source for many of the
> base system utilities.

That is good to know (that all man pages reside _at_least_ in
/usr/share/man/man? directories).

> But you can safely delete (or simply move away) the existing
> /usr/share directory right before `make installworld'...
> 	# cd /usr
> 	# mv share share.old
> 	# mtree -deU < /etc/mtree/BSD.usr.dist
> and then run `make installworld' in /usr/src.  After installworld
> finishes successfully, you can delete share.old.

Giorgos, i would that the next time; thanks.

Having said that, i was hoping for something like the following (for


  - parv


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