UDF on FreeBSD 5.0

Duke spivis at epm.net.co
Wed Mar 26 17:02:53 PST 2003


I compiled a kernel on my FreeBSD 5.0-RELEASE, for support mount of UDF 
filesystems,  (options   UDF). When I intent mount a  formatted UDF CDROM, 
the kernel entries on panic, and print the message

  panic: lockmgr : locking against myself
  syncing disks, buffers remaining... panic: bdwrite : buffer is not busy

and reboot the system.

I can mount this UDF CDROM on Linux (Slackware, Debian, Conectiva) and Windows 
XP but not on FreeBSD 5.0-RELEASE. It's a bug, or I'm wrong ?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Duke    spivis at epm.net.co

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