bge network driver not loaded on a HP (Compaq) Proliant DL380 G3

David Landgren david at
Wed Mar 26 15:40:18 PST 2003

Nicolas Kowalski wrote:

>David Landgren <david at> writes:
>>I am in the process of installing FreeBSD 4.7 on an HP Proliant DL380
>>G3. At the moment I am blocked by the fact that the kernel does not
>>recognise the network card (or rather, does not load the bge driver).
>I faced the same problem with a ML370 G3. My ugly workaround was to
>plug in this machine another - well recognized - network card. I used
>an Intel EtherExpressPro10/100 (fxp) for this.
I thought  about that. We opened the box up and tried to install a 3com 
905B (or whatever the standard 3com "works everywhere" card is) instead. 
The trouble is the PCI slots are weird, longer and sort of back to 
front. It says PCI 133, so I assume they changed the physical format 
when the bus speed was upgraded. In any event, the cards I have don't fit.

>On 4.8-RC the bge driver works well.
Ok, I'll see about downloading an ISO and see how that goes.

Yeah, thanks for a swift reply, even if it was bad news...


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