usb device driver skeleton?

David Rio drio at
Wed Mar 26 15:04:12 PST 2003

> May I ask what USB device you are writing for, as I am looking at developing
> a USB interface for UPS support so NUT can use my UPS (ATM I can only use it
> under Linux ikkies)So we may be able to share knowledge and reach both our
> goals faster.

It would be great. We can talk about it by email.
Regarding to my USB device, it is a mp3 player based on compact flash.
I would like to create a char device driver to implement the classical
read/write/open/close/ioctl syscalls.

I am still reading and searching for information to create the driver but
I think that there is a lack of information about this topic.  What do you
think about?
If we make the driver, it would be interesting to create some docs 
for other BSD device driver writers... 
> BTW is there a USB team in FreeBSD ?

I have been talking with Nick Hibma, he has a USB-freebsd homepage, in 
fact there is a mailing list. He told me that there is no doc/paper that
explain the structs/macros to develope usb drivers. We will have to 
read code from other drivers which will be more complicated but that is 
the only solution...

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