FreeBSD Installation Problems

Sukhbinder Singh sukhbinders at
Wed Mar 26 09:54:19 PST 2003


        I am trying to install FreeBSD into my personal computer, however I am receiving error messages during the course of my installation. When I am trying to install using the floppy method at the final prompt where the istallation program requests me to put in floppy disk in drive a and press enter. After putting in the disk and pressing enter I receive a warning or error message like "Error mounting floppy fd0 (/dev/fd0) on /dist: Invalid argument". 

          When I try to install it via FTP, at the end of the installation procedure I receive a message like "Couldn't open FTP connection to undefined error : 0"   Can someone please help me troubleshoot this problems which I had been facing with the installation of FreeBSD into my personal computer.



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