File owner name not updated.

Kevin Stevens Kevin_Stevens at
Wed Mar 26 07:45:15 PST 2003

On Tuesday, Mar 25, 2003, at 23:29 US/Pacific, Matthew Seaman wrote:

> Two things occur to me:
>     i) Did root use vipw(8) to edit the passwd database, or otherwise
>        run:
>         # cap_mkdb /etc/master.passwd
>        when the UID was changed?  It's the value in the hashed
>        database cap_mkdb(1) builds that is used by the system.
>        Updating that should have instantaneous effect.

Just tried running that after creating a dummy user and changing his 
uid from 1005 to 1010.  No change.

> The problem is not with the ls(1) command per se.  It's the underlying
> system library functions such as getpwuid(3) which do the translation
> between numeric UIDs and usernames that are the seat of the problem.
> You can see that by running some other command that uses getpwuid(3), 
> eg:
>     % perl -e 'print scalar getpwuid(503), "\n";'

bash-2.05b# perl -e 'print scalar getpwuid(1010), "\n";'
bash-2.05b# perl -e 'print scalar getpwuid(1005), "\n";'

bash-2.05b# grep fred /etc/master.passwd
fred:*:1010:1005:User &:/home/fred:/bin/sh


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