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Mon Jun 30 18:49:30 PDT 2003

Not sure if this will solve it, I just configured samba on my local
FreeBSD v4.4 box to serve as a massive file server on my home network.
It was giving me fits and starts until I configured it to do NT1
security protocol, then it suddenly all started working.  I synced the
passwords between the BSD box and my local Windows network and it all
works very nicely.  In fact, the files on the BSD box stream noticeably
faster than off my Win2k Server (the PDC).  All of the clients are WinXP
boxes and have no problem streaming music, movies, etc. off samba.  The
only problem is that there are a lot of PAM authentication failure
notices on my BSD box.  I haven't had time to look into it, but since it
works fine, it can wait till the long weekend.

Sean J Countryman
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sean at

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FreeBSD 4.8

I'm trying to get samba running on my FBSD server. I've done this 
previously with another server, but I can't seem to get it to 
work this time. If I turn off password encryption, then I pass 
all the tests in the DIAGNOSIS file, but Win2k obviously won't 
allow the connection without encrypted passwords. If I turn 
encryption on, I pass any test that doesn't involve a password. 

I created the password file with make_smbpasswd. I also tried 
importing a password file used with an earlier version of Samba, 
and editing the usernames and user ids. There is no ENCRYPTION 
file included with this port, and I can't find any other 
instructions for setting up the password file. I've googled and 
searched, and can't find anything that goes beyond what I already 
know. If someone could point me to instructions for setting this 
up, I'd be grateful.

Bob Hall
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