Need help with NAS server setup

J. Seth Henry jshamlet at
Mon Jun 30 14:02:17 PDT 2003

I recently split up my FreeBSD server into two machines. One is a small
ITX based system than [is intended to] handle audio and home automation.
I installed nasd 1.6 on this machine, and it appears to be loaded (I can
telnet to port 8000 and it connects), but I can't actually use it. So
far, I've tried connecting with XMMS and mp3blaster, using the address
gearbox:0, however, when I actually try to play a file, I get the error,
"Failed to open sound device." (in mp3blaster).

I used the default nasd.conf, which (for playback) should be fine. Audio
is working, as I can play files using a local player. Also, I checked
fstat, and nothing is holding the device open. (which is kind of
surprising, given that I would have thought nasd would have held it

Am I missing something?

Seth Henry

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