what kernel does freebsd use?

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at clunix.cl.msu.edu
Mon Jun 30 06:39:04 PDT 2003

> Hello,
> I've read that there are multiple kernels for BSD. What does FreeBSD use? 
> Can I swap it out for other kernels? Or am I mistaken?

Please break your lines around 72 characters.

Maybe what you have seen is someone writing about creating a new kernel
with something or other added or deleted.   This isn't exactly the 
same as having multiple kernels that can be switched at weill.   It is 
just recompiling _THE_ kernel with different options compiled in or out 
as the case may be.   Some of those options are support for different
peripherals, such as NIC cards, USB, etc.     See the file
for many many more options.

Once you build a new kernel with the options you want you put the
new kernel which is in a file named 'kernel' in to the root 
directory (eg /kernel) and reboot.    In general, you cannot
change the kernel without rebooting and replacing that kernel
file, although there are boot time options you can also select.  
Check the handbook, the archives, the man pages, etc for more
complete information about kernel options and building new kernels.


> Thanks
> Andrew
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