mount & umount read-only floppy: unmount failed: Input/output error ??

Rob Lahaye lahaye at
Mon Jun 30 05:00:52 PDT 2003

Rob wrote:
> Yep - just tried
>   mount -u -r -f /mnt
> and also
>   umount -f /tmp
> Both fail with I/O errors, presumably from the fdc0 device. Also when
> rebooting, the failed sync interferes with unmounting other filesystems,
> causing fsck(8)s on the way back up.
> But mount/umount can't just ignore the device status - if it says things
> are broken, what should they do?

I don't know. I may have given wrongly the impression that I am familiar
with this matter. I am not at all. I just noticed a very illogical behaviour
when mounting my readonly floppy; that's all.

With my simple mind, I would say: 'mount' should be able to detect that
you do a read/write-mount, but the medium is readonly; so it should
give an error message and NOT mount.

BUT: if it does mount the medium (floppy), then umount should also do
its job; and not, as it is now, refuse to umount.


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