mount & umount read-only floppy: unmount failed: Input/output error ??

Rob Lahaye lahaye at
Mon Jun 30 04:11:16 PDT 2003

Rob wrote:
> I think I've figured it out - here's a script(1) of trying to mount a
> [...]
> I'm guessing that you're doing this in a non-console shell, and the
> errors are appearing elsewhere - maybe /var/log/messages?

Yep, my console is indeed filled up with the corresponding error messages.

Have you tried to umount that floppy? Well, you can't. Unless you manually
change the floppy to read/write and allow the OS to apply the changes to
the floppy :(. But what if you can't or don't want that...then it is
error-mounted for ever....

I would qualify this as a clear bug.
What do you say? Worth a bug report?

Simply mount and the umount a read/only floppy. You're stuck!


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