mount & umount read-only floppy: unmount failed: Input/output error ??

Rob Lahaye lahaye at
Mon Jun 30 02:56:50 PDT 2003

Rob <listone at> wrote:
> So did you put a write-protected floppy in, and try and mount it
> read/write?
> That's not going to work....

I would agree, if the mount didn't work. But that's what I
tried to point out.

As it is now, the trouble arises from the fact that you actually
CAN read/write mount a read/only-floppy. No complaints from the
mount command.

However, you can't umount it anymore! So you're stuck and it
is mounted for-ever! Unless, you take the floppy out, change it
to read/write, put it back in the drive and do the umount again.

Why does mount not check the read/write of the floppy?
And if it doesn't, for some reason, why then all of a sudden
umount does check for the read/write thing?


PS: this is with FreeBSD 4.8

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