PPP troubles SOLVED!!!

RexFelis catlord17 at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 29 19:49:21 PDT 2003

Yahoooo!  Boy does it feel good to track down and
solve this problem on my own!!!

Here's what I did.  I copied the contents of
/etc/ppp from my Linux partition to my Windows
partition and then compared each corresponding
file to it's freebsd counterpart.  And what I
found was that my resolv.conf files were
different - the DNS nameserver address had been
changed under Linux!

When I plugged in the new number, voila, FreeBSD
connectivity problem solved.  

I am so appreciative for the help, even though I
managed to solve it on my own.  I googled it at a
friend's suggestion and discovered a website
giving the info to add, and that brought me to
the idea to do what I did.

Now to cvsup.  :)


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