question regarding quotas

Josh Brooks user at
Sun Jun 29 18:13:36 PDT 2003


On 29 Jun 2003, Lowell Gilbert wrote:

> Dan Nelson <dnelson at> writes:

> > The only thing I can think of that might work: if you didn't mind a
> > whole lot of filesystems, you could create a filesystem per directory
> > you wanted to control.  Then the filessytem size itself would be the
> > "quota".
> I'm not following this suggestion.
> Quotas are per-user, *per-filesystem*, as you said the first time.  So
> it's not necessary to put each user's critical space on a different
> filesystem.  In fact, what quotas do is protect users from each other
> on a given filesystem.

What he is saying is, if I want to control the size of a directory, but
there will be file creations in that directory from more than one user, I
need to do something besides quotas, since quotas only count how much that
user has created, NOT how much is in the directory total.

So my question was, is there a way to control how big a directory can
grow, regardless of who is putting what files in that directory.

So far, his answer was that I could just make each directory its own
filesystem, which would definitiely work, but I wondering if perhaps there
is a more elegant way to do this ?

Again, I am just trying to take an arbitrary directory, say:


and place a configurable limit on how big that directory can get, without
mounting it as its own filesystem...


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