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Sun Jun 29 04:55:16 PDT 2003

On Sun, 29 Jun 2003, Quinn Ellis wrote:

> At 11:06 PM 28/06/2003 +0400, you wrote:
> >How can I install WIN2000 and FreeBSD on one machine. The reason is in
> >this: the FreeBSD loader cannot see WIN2000 fs, and WIN 2000 loader can't
> >see FreEBSD fs. If you can, send me your reply in russian :)
> Firstly, freebsd can see NTFS, but not write to it.
> You need to partition up your hard drive, 1 for windows, and several for
> FreeBSD (Read more in the Handbook).
> I have them on two seperate hard disks, and use the 'gag' bootloader on my
> primary drive, with windows 2000, which will reconises both partitions and
> loads the appropriate one.
FreeBSD's bootmanager can boot both win2000 and FreeBSD.
You only have to install in on the master boot record (MBR) - the
installation menu will ask for it.

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