pcm isn't working using 4.8

Michael michael at realestatesllc.com
Sat Jun 28 23:23:07 PDT 2003

OK, I figured it out guys/gals so no one needs to respond to my request.

For some reason the symbolics didn't get connected when building 4.8.

I'm not sure exactly why this is occuring with 4.8 (a bug maybe?), but 
suffice it to say, all that was needed was to:

#cd /dev
#sh MAKEDEV snd0

All is well now.

Thanks again,


Michael wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> Is there anyone here on this list that can tell me what I need to do to
> get pcm sound working using 4.8 Release?
> This use to work properly on 4.7 Release but for some unknown reason (at
> least to me anyway) upon building 4.8, pcm sound is no longer working.
> I've built a custom kernel and added device pcm, which has always
> provided me sound for KDE.
> I have no sound whatsoever using KDE windows manager with 4.8 however.
> I take that back, I have one thing that works (I can't tell you why
> though) KsCD seems to know how to allow sound through through my
> speakers when playing a music CD, beyond that, sound is non existant.
> Here is my setup:
> Dell Precision 530 2.2 Ghz
> 1 Gig of RAM
> No sound card. (only the built in sound on the motherboard)
> I get the following message when logging into KDE which usually has
> disappeared after building a new kernel with 'device pcm' enabled.
> "Sound Server informational message:
> Error while initializing the sound driver:
> device /dev/dsp can't be opened (Device busy)
> The sound server will continue, using the null output device."
> Can anyone please tell me how to correct this problem?
> If you can, please send me a mail directly if you know what's causing
> this or how I can correct it. I'm not a member of this list, so I'd
> greatly appreciate it. My e-mail is michael at realestatesllc.com
> Thanks a lot,

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