FreeBSD 5.1 and Samba PDC

Michael Tran acetic at
Sat Jun 28 22:30:53 PDT 2003

Hi All,

Thanks for the replies to my first post about ipfw. All is great now.

My problem now is that I am implementing a Samba PDC on FreeBSD 5.1 and
am wanting to use the "On-the-Fly" Creation of Machine Trust Accounts
method as detailed in Samba PDC HOWTO document
( for
references). As I am a Linux to FreeBSD user, what would I need to put
inplace in the "add user script" instead of that useradd thingy?

   # <...remainder of parameters...>
   add user script = /usr/sbin/useradd -d /dev/null -g 100 -s /bin/false
-M %u

I can't use adduser as it does not have anything for -M (according to
the man pages..)


Aka freebsd newbie

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