Write date/time to file?

Micheal Patterson micheal at cancercare.net
Sat Jun 28 07:31:46 PDT 2003

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Subject: Write date/time to file?

> HI all.  As part of the ongoing development of a spam tracking script I'm
> writing, I'm looking for tidbits of information on how to do certain
> My question today is simple.  What I need to know is what's the command at
> the console to display date and time?  I'm looking for an output similar
> this:  Sat Jun 28 09:02:12 2003
> I'm sure it's something incredibly simple, but I've looked and I can't
> find anything that would logically create something like that.  Many
> in advance.


I'm assuming that you want this information to either be part of the file
name or echo'd into a file itself at the beginning. If so, try "date".

micheal at caverns.us.eu.org:/usr/local/home/micheal/>date
Sat Jun 28 09:05:38 CDT 2003

Hope it helps.


Micheal Patterson
Network Administration
Cancer Care Network

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