Help! I killed my rc.conf and cant boot correctly!

Keith Spencer bsd2000au at
Fri Jun 27 23:05:01 PDT 2003

Thanks Adam,
When the machine boots it drops straight into (I
guess) single user mode. The /usr/sbin /usr/bin cant
be cd-ed to and the /etc dir says it is read only file
system! So I can't save to it.
I have a "Schlacter tute" fireall setup on it. With
whatever security it entails.
Any clue? Can I interupt the boot and do something?
This is a mission critical machine darn it...Oh dear!

 --- Adam <blueeskimo at> wrote: > On Fri,
2003-06-27 at 23:57, Keith Spencer wrote:
> > Want to hear a tale of stupidity and woe.
> > I screwed up fbsd 4.7 system rc.conf and can only
> seem
> > to boot into a basic session. Cant edit or save to
> > /etc files.
> > What to do and you guessed it...noboot disk was
> made
> > although I have another 4.7 fbsd machine nearby.
> > Tell me it's not fatal guys!
> I don't see why you wouldn't be able to boot into
> single-user mode, edit
> the rc.conf, then reboot. What exactly is the
> problem editing the files
> in /etc from SU mode?
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> Adam <blueeskimo at>
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