Solved! Was: Re: routed 'forgets' it's path (or something)

freeBSD freebsd at
Fri Jun 27 20:27:51 PDT 2003

Odd, but the soo simple solution which however I can't explain was to do

route add default 

( is my gateway)

If someone can explain how the system could work for a while after the
route daemon was started and then suddenly forget all routing tables it
would be great, however it works for me know so I'm pleased again! ;)


On Sat, 2003-06-28 at 00:04, freeBSD wrote:
> I have run into a strange problem:
> Suddenly has my nic no routingtables so name lookups etc doesn't work.
> The only solution is to SU and kill routed and then start it again.
> Everything will then work for an hour or so and then I'm back on step
> one again.
> I have laborated with cvsup etc the last day, so it's probably something
> that's been changed, but I'm to novice to understan what.
> I am running 5.0p7 now.
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