upgrading 5.0 -> 5.1; make buildkernel failes

Kris Kennaway kris at obsecurity.org
Fri Jun 27 17:42:57 PDT 2003

On Fri, Jun 27, 2003 at 02:57:56PM -0700, root wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 27, 2003 at 11:37:03PM +0200 or thereabouts, Maarten de Vries wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I've been trying to upgrade my desktop pc, which ran 5.0-R without any
> > problems for months, to 5.1-R. After a make clean, I cvsup the latest
> > sources and then go 'make buildworld' and 'make installworld'. This doesn't
> > give any problems, but then the 'make buildkernel' fails miserably:
> Make sure you have exactly one of the next two lines in your
> kernel configuration file. (I'd recommend the first.)
> options SCHED_4BSD
> options SCHED_ULE

This and other upgrading pitfalls are documented in /usr/src/UPDATING,
which you should read (along with the release notes, errata and other
release documentation) before attempting an upgrade.

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