problems with this questions list since mailman

FBSD_User FBSD_User at
Fri Jun 27 10:34:39 PDT 2003

To the other members of this list. I have noticed a reduction in the
number of emails to this list since mailman became the replacement.
I used to get 150 to 200 email daily and now it's under 100.  When I
follow a subject I can see email in a more current response that I
did not receive. Before the cutover to mailman I was sending my
questions to questions at and now I see the supported email
address is freebsd-questions at   I never received
notification of this email address change. When I use email  address
questions at to send me questions I get no bounce error
message and my question does not show in the email I receive for
this list. There is major bug in the question list since mailman
application took over. Have any of you noticed this?

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