crontab root not found

Timms, Simon STimms at
Fri Jun 27 08:09:03 PDT 2003

I seem to be having some trouble with cron.  I edited my crontab file and
added a line then ran 

#crontab /etc/crontab

Now my email box is full of "cron root not found".  Nonsense, I said, I am
root and I'm right here, I then tried waving my hands so the computer could
find me more easily.  Then it occurred to me that perhaps the contab file
was being interpreted as a normal user crontab file and it was trying to run
the command "root" as that is what appeared in the 6th column.  So I went
and read the crontab man page and found that I should run crontab with the
-u option when using su.  I tried that too and I'm still getting the e-mails
every 5 minutes.  So what command should I run to load the master crontab?
I tried 

#crontab -u root crontab 

but that too seems to interpret the crontab as a user crontab too.  I have
removed any changes I made to the crontab so I won't bother including it in
the e-mail since it is the default file.  

Thank you kindly,


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