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Olivier DAVY olivier.davy at free.fr
Fri Jun 27 03:37:44 PDT 2003

Olivier DAVY
FreeBSD Fan ;)


I am very fond of FreeBSD since I tried it on a single little hard drive 

However, I cannot delete my Linux for FreeBSD on my dual boot Pc 
(Win...ws + Linux) since I do not know the following things, t hat are 
essential for me to well manage my PC :
1. when installing FreeBSD on a partition on the same disk as Windows, 
what kind of boot manager should I use.
During the install, the boot manager choosing screen suggest to install 
nothing. But how to boot on BSD ?
So I tried to install BSD with Linux and Windows, and use Lilo to boot 
BSD. Well, it works, but I am not satisfied, since Linux is still 
necessary to boot. What option should I choose ? How should I partition 
my disk to have this dual boot.
What kind of bootmanager should I use ? Does Windows XP (or 2000) could 
boot FreeBSD (hum ?) ?
2. On my standalone disk (cf. (*1)), I use the default bootloader of 
But I can not delete if from my HD, whereas I can delete lilo by 
executing fdisk /MBR ? So what is the issue ? Is the BSD boot loader not 
in the Master Boot Record ? How can i delete it, to delete all FreeBSD 
from my disk (just in case...) ?
3. Why there is only 2 CD-ROM for the 5.1 whereas there is 4 for the 4.X ?
4. Is Java now well supported (I tried once to install it, but it did 
not work since I did not found the right version of the JDK to port). I 
'd like to install a true J2EE plateform on BSD !

Thank you for your attention,

I am waiting for your reply,


  Olivier DAVY
  ENSIMAG engineer - HEC alumnus
  E-mail : olivier.davy at free.fr
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