freebsd + win98 in separate disks

Ramunas M. ramas at
Thu Jun 26 22:41:44 PDT 2003

maybe someone had this problem and can help me.
I installed freebsd 5.0 with boot manager in to ad1. ad1 is slave hdd. Ad0
is master hdd (with win98). When I rebooted freebsd, win98 booted, because
of ad0 is a first boot device, from which pc boots. In bios settings I
changed boot order, ad1 with freebsd became first boot hdd. So pc starts to
boot from ad1, boot manager shows menu: 
F1 Freebsd
F2 Freebsd
F5 Drive 1
If I choose F5 (I want to load win98), and then boot manager shows: "Error
loading operating system. Setup cannot continue." 
If I choose F1 - boots freebsd (it is ok if I want to load freebsd).
Maybe is the only one way: every time I need to change hdd boot order from
pc bios? :((

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