Mask IP:port with Domain Name

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Thu Jun 26 13:21:50 PDT 2003

John DeStefano wrote:
> Chuck Swiger <cswiger at> wrote:
>> [ ...hitting return every 76 characters would be nice... ]
> Interesting... I just double-checked my Yahoo! outbound message settings,
> and confirmed message width is fixed at 72 chars.  Never had a complaint
> before.  If you've any ideas PLMK.  Regardless, I apologize for the
> on-screen abuse.

No harm done.  The best idea would be to not use a web-based mail client, but a 
real MUA like Pine, Netscape/Mozilla, etc.

>> Um. I consulted my magic eight ball, and it translated your question as:
> Was it that obscure?  If so, sorry again.

Hmm...your question wasn't obscure, but there were a lot of relevant details 
that had to be inferred.

] I'm trying to host a web site on a FreeBSD machine. My registrar, godaddy,
] offers a redirect service which sends requests from "" to your
] FreeBSD machine, which possibly has a dynamic IP?

> Yes. I have registered a domain name at, and linked it to the 
> dynamic IP address that my ISP has assigned to me. On my internal network, 
> behind a router, I have a FBSD machine, on which I'm running apache.
> In order to make all this work with a non-well-known web server port, I had
> to use's "Domain forwarding" feature to point to the IP:port 
> combination.

If you subscribe to a dynamic DNS service, such as, you can link to 
that name rather than the raw IP address, and that name will show up in the 
browser as you've asked-- assuming you configure apache with that name, as well.

>> Also, are you running apache on port 80, or is that being blocked by your ISP?
> My ISP blocks and monitors well-known server ports such as 80 and 21.  I'm
> running well out of the well-known range at 10101.

There's no way to avoid the port number in the URL, then.  Consider switching to 
a provider that lets you host local services...


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