Exim + popa3d question...

K Anderson freebsduser at attbi.com
Thu Jun 26 12:31:10 PDT 2003

Xpression wrote:
> Hi all:
>         I'm running Exim as MUA and popa3d as a POP3 server, I'm satisfied
> with this POP3 server, but when many people send mails at the same time, the
> server says that TOO MANY CONCURRENT SMTP CONNECTIONS, I've still running
> popa3d in inetd mode, I think that problem could be here, but can I run
> popa3d in standalone mode???
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According to a google search there is a standalone mode. Check the 
install instructions for it (That's what one of the searches turned up). 
May want to RTFM to see if there are any warnings about the problem you 
are having.


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