Mask IP:port with Domain Name

John DeStefano deesto at
Thu Jun 26 11:50:44 PDT 2003

In order to solve some IP/port resolution issues, I registered a domain at on the advice of a few people on this list.  Seems like a nice interface, decent service, and a great price.
My question is on what I assume to be IP masking.  When someone punches in my domain name to reach the web site running on FBSD, their browser's address field (well, actually it's the DNS doing it) instantly translates the domain name into my actual IP address and port number.  This is alarming for security reasons, as well as relatives who know nothing about technology asking inane questions about the disappearing web site name.
I have searched the handbook, archives, even apache docs, but I can't find any information regarding how to get this to happen on my FBSD (assuming I'm searching on the correct terms?).  Of course, offers a masking service for an additional fee, but then what was once a bargain wouldn't be much of a bargain any longer.

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