ftpchroot issue

David Bear David.Bear at asu.edu
Thu Jun 26 10:31:27 PDT 2003

I want to chroot the 'only' ftp user account that is permitted.  So,
I've put every account in ftpusers EXCEPT the one I want permitted.
So far that works, though the name suggests a reverse logic, ie
ftpusers implies users who MAY ftp in to me... But it wouldn't be the
first time my logic was reversed...

Anyway, I want to chroot the ftp user to a special file system so I
used the ftpchroot file as follows:

cat /etc/ftpchroot
#  by db
#  2003-06-25
softsys      /mnt/newdisk/ ./ghosted


This seems consistend with the syntax mentioned in the man page, yet
when I attempt to log in as softsys, I get the message 
Name (XXXX:xxxx): softsys
331 Password required for softsys.
550 Can't change root.
Login failed.

any advice?

David Bear
phone: 	480-965-8257
fax: 	480-965-9189
College of Public Programs/ASU
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Tempe, AZ 85287-0803
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