swap not being mounted (or so I think)

Bob Collins bob at anything-inc.com
Thu Jun 26 07:14:30 PDT 2003

At 09:06 PM 6/25/2003, you wrote:
>On Wed, Jun 25, 2003 at 08:55:36PM -0400, Bob Collins wrote:
> > I am running 5.0 Release on an i386 Intel system. I have 256MB ram
> > and in /etc/fstab swap is called out for 492MB. How can I tell if
> > this is mounted and in use? Mount does not indicate swap (/da0s1b)
> > is mounted.
>Please wrap your lines at 70 characters so your emails can be easily

Oops, sorry, I was using a web interface emailer. This should work now 

>swap partitions are not mounted, because they're not filesystems.  Use
>swapinfo to check swap configuration.

Great, it looks fine. swapinfo was exactly what I needed.

> > I ask, as I cannot use dump to backup my raid. My raid is
> > /dev/vinum/raid and mounted at /raid. When I try to dump either
> > /dev/vinum/raid or /raid, the system panics and halts. I am thinking
> > the dump is bombing due to lack of swap space.
>With 256MB of RAM, dump should not be touching swap.  It sounds like
>you have some other problem that you need to investigate more fully.

You are correct. I do not know what the heck happened, but after triple 
checking fsck and a remount of filesystems, all is fine. I was able to 
perform a dump with no errors. Thanks.

Now, if I can just get restore to read the dumped tape.... I am getting an 
I/O error that it cannot read the tape, something about block size 
difference. I'll research that now.

Thank you for your help.

-- Bob 

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