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From: "Bill Moran" <wmoran at potentialtech.com>
| I would suggest using natd's divert capability, because I've had it
| for a while with no problems.  I'm not sure if what you're trying to do
| even work.
| Alter your natd_flags to something like
| "-f /etc/natd.conf -redired_port tcp 80"
| (this will direct anything that comes in on port 80 to ... see
| the man page for natd for more details on the syntax)

Hmm, no good for the current set up, I'm not trying to redirect port 80 no
more, I just
want to have 'this' port 80 available. Web Server on FreeBSD router machine
And DNS updater program is also on router machine.

| > // is on ed0 card going to internal network
| > // is on ed2 card going to another network (eventually web
| > proper)
| >
| > At this point I'd like to mention something in my ifconfig readout.
| >
| > Now, ed0 ed2 lp0 ppp0 seem to me to be fine (and must be if internal
| > can browse internet etc)
| >
| > tun0 , although above suggests it is working fine , gives me an unusual
| > alias address. :-
| >
| > tun0: flags=8051(UP,POINTTOPOINT,RUNNING,MULTICAST> mtu 1500
| >     inet 14x1xx.xxx.xxx --> netmask 0xffffff00.
| I've seen this before.  A lot of ISPs are using private IPs for a lot of
| their routers and hop points.  If everything is configured properly, it
| works OK and doesn't cause problems (that I've seen) but ...
| Get your testers to try traceroutes to see how far traffic is getting.  I
| an ISP once that had an endless routing loop in one of their routers that
| took us a week to convince them wasn't our mistake.
| Also ... can the testers connect via IP or hostname?  Can they ping Ip or
| hostname?

I'll let you know when I get an answer.

| > Ok, I've masked my ISP assig ed IP address for now as it is
| > but why has it aliased with a Class C
| > internal IP address, when all my network is Class B 192.x.x.x addresses
| > can this be the cause of why external visitors can not access my
| >
| > What other information do you need ???
| The results of ping and traceroute tests above would help narrow things
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