Problems with Compaq Armada

Fernando Gleiser fgleiser at
Wed Jun 25 17:46:33 PDT 2003

I'm having some problems with FreeBSD on a Compaq Armada m700 (laptop PC).

I installed 4.7-RELEASE from CD on it. It installed fine, but when I
rebooted the PC, FreeBSD didn't recognize the CD/DVD drive.

I rebooted, did a boot -c, looked at the devices, didn't change anything
quited the config menu, booted and it recognized the DVD.

Great! you think. No. It isn't. After rebooting it didn't recognize
th CD/DVD drive again.

So I did a cvsup to 4.8-RELEASE, rebuilt everything from scratch,
installkernel, installworld and mergemaster.

But the problem is still there.

What puzzles me is the aparent randomness of the problem. Sometimes it
recognizes the drive, sometimes it doesn't.

Any pointers/help would be greattly apreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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