contigmalloc1 panic on install

Ryan Carmichael bremen at
Wed Jun 25 14:53:23 PDT 2003

The laptop has a Trident CyberBlade Ai1 chipset, 8Mb RAM.

If I go through the 4.8 Installation from the CD (which goes smoothly until
I reboot), if I try to set up X using the graphical display the system locks
up hard.  That may be a driver issue or it may be related to the
contigmalloc1 panic associated with the AGP.  But this is easy enough to
avoid to just complete a base install - I will attempt to get into single
user mode and compile a debug kernel and see if I can give you some more
detailed data.

Ryan Carmichael

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> What kind of video is in that laptop? Sounds like the kernel is that
> you are booting in the 4.8 case is the GENERIC. If you can get the
> rescue disk to boot to single user mode, you should compile and install
> a kernel that has the kernel debugger compiled in.
> just a quick look there are several places that a 0 sized contigmalloc()
> could accidently occur.
> --Mark Tinguely.

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