postfix not retrieving mail

Simon J Mudd sjmudd at
Wed Jun 25 12:08:43 PDT 2003

phaza7 at (pat bey) writes:

> Guess, I'd better get some sleep. Been at this for two day now.  The
> only error mesg I get from

> /var/log/messages is: smtpd_recipient_restriction :specify at least
> one working instance of check_relay_domains,
> reject_unauth_destination, reject defer, defer_if_permit.

Do you understand the message?  I think it's quite clear.

Look at your smtpd_recipient_restrictions parameter: it clearly
doesn't conform to what's required.

> smtpd_recipient_restrictions = regexp:/usr/local/etc/postfix/client_access
> smtpd_sender_restrictions = regexp:/usr/local/etc/postfix/sender_checks.regexp

This is wrong. Check the postfix web site for correct configuration

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