yppasswd NIS problem with Freebsd client and Solaris NIS server

Justin Burdine burdine at oakland.edu
Wed Jun 25 11:50:04 PDT 2003

Anyone else had this problem?

All of my Freebsd boxes 4.6-4.8 connect to my Solaris 8 NIS servers with 
out any troubles.  They are able to authenticate and get all the maps 
that they need in order to operate.  However, I have never been able to 
change my NIS password from them.  Eventhough this works from all of my 
Solaris 8 NIS clients.  I have changed the default passwd_format to des 
and ran cap_mkdb.

I did run across this posting:


but it doesn't seem to effect 4.x... or does it?

rc.conf looks like:

followed the installation instructions found:


anyone have any hits or tips?


Justin Burdine

Computer Network Admin.
School of Engineering
   Computer Science
  Oakland University

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