using multiple keyboards simultaneously...

zulker . zulkernine at
Wed Jun 25 06:05:10 PDT 2003


I am planning to develop a multiuser game. Its kinda blind-board simulator. 
There are many
controls to use for each player, and thus each player needs a complete 
keyboard unit. Thus
I need to use multiple keyboard simultaneously with a single PC. The game 
can be played
between more than 16 players.

I don't need any support for X-Windows or graphical simulation. What i need 
is just to
distinguish the keycodes from the different keyboards.

Can anyone please help me solving this? there is a posting in this 
message-board by
"Bob Thompson" in almost same topics.. but its not the same, right Bob?

Please help me... it will be a great free game for the blind peoples.


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