Online Content Management Tool - question

Roger Merritt mcrogerm at
Tue Jun 24 18:06:59 PDT 2003

At 07:33 AM 6/25/03, you wrote:

>other than zope - are there any good onlin content management tools out there
>that allow people to update webpages and cgi code easily?

I'm just in the process of installing one called Pagetool 
( which looks good. Based on PHP. I also liked the 
looks of MkDoc (, but couldn't get my server to 
resolve the domain name I tried to set up (a DNS problem, not, apparently, 
a problem with MkDoc). MkDoc is based on Perl, I think.

Zope looked to me like overkill for my needs, and I don't really want a 
blog site.


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