Where did my partitions go?

Brian McCann bjm1287 at ritvax.isc.rit.edu
Tue Jun 24 17:14:59 PDT 2003

Ok...I'm having a small panic.  I have a server that I just got a 180GB
IDE HD for....but the controller cards I have don't support drives over
137GB, so I had to use the one Western Digital gave me.  Once I added
that in, in threw off my drive assignments.  Here are the setups BEFORE
the upgrade:

Onboard IDE Pri/Sec Controller
Onboard HPT Raid Pri/Sec Controller

And after, I added a PCI Promise TX2.  My problem is, the Promise
controller starts up before the HPT controller does.  So, what used to
be ad4-6, is now ad8-10, and the new drive is ad4.  I thought this would
not be a big deal and I would just have to shift the assignments in
FSTAB and I'd be all set.  BUT, when I try mounting any of the old
partitions that got "reassigned", I get "mount: /dev/ad8s1e: No such
file or directory".  And when I run the Label part of sysinstall, it
doesn't even show any partitions on there!  I'm sure there's a simple
solution to this...but can someone PLEASE help me???

Many thanks,

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