ifconfig and Postoffice

Grant Peel grant at thenetnow.com
Tue Jun 24 13:32:19 PDT 2003

Hi all.

A number of days back I had asked a question about IPaliasing and ifconfig.
One of the answers I got was correct, but took a while for me to prove it

The question was: If I have multiple IPs from a different network, should I
be using the new netmask, or the book value of

 The answer is both (as some had mentioned) Use the correct netmask for the
first IP in the new network, then use 255 for all the rest in that network.
I am using webmin which confused the issue somewhat. My appologies for the

Another question about this though: in my rc.conf file, I have the IPs
listed numericly by subnet, then IP (from that subnet). When I add them with
ifconfig, they get jumbled in the order (if I do an ifconfig to view them),
any ideas on how to keep them in order?

The second question revolves around out postoffice. I am currently using
MailReader. nph-mr.cgi. Every once in a while, I get runaway processes.
Almost always 5 or 10 of them running at the same time, sending my 1-5-15
minusage to 10+.

Has anyone else seen this?
- if so, was it always an aol user that started it in motion?
Is there a way to limit specific perl processes?


Grant W. Peel
Server Admin
grant at thenetnow.com

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