Re-building sendmail

Bill Campbell freebsd at
Mon Jun 23 20:06:24 PDT 2003

On Tue, Jun 24, 2003 at 12:58:20PM +1000, Martin Ryan wrote:
>> >What's the best way to rebuild sendmail with DB4?
>> For an excellent fix for sendmail see:
>> Bill
>Have you ever had the experience where you ask a question related to some
>aspect of FreeBSD and some clever individual advises the best fix is to
>uninstall FreeBSD and install Linux?  
>If so, what's your opinion of people who offer such "assistance" ?

I've had those experiences, and still say that given the security problems
and other issues with sendmail, I would strongly recommend replacing it
with an MTA that's more secure, easier to configure, and more efficient.

When I first connected our systems to the Internet over ten years ago, the
CERT advisories on sendmail were about the size of a Manhattan phone book.
Over the years, it has proven one of the most common sources of security
holes on *ix systems, although BIND had recently been vying for the title.

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