Compiling Linuxthreads

Mark Hennessy mark at
Mon Jun 23 10:34:45 PDT 2003

I'm trying to compile Linuxthreads from ports on my FreeBSD 4.8 system
here, and for some reason I keep getting this:

You can use an experimental patch to reduce the number of
condition variable triggered context switches by defining

Some unsafe calls to exit() can be detected by defining
for more info.

===>  Extracting for linuxthreads-2.2.3_10
>> Checksum OK for glibc-linuxthreads-2.2.3.tar.gz.
===>  Patching for linuxthreads-2.2.3_10
===>  Applying FreeBSD patches for linuxthreads-2.2.3_10
===>  Configuring for linuxthreads-2.2.3_10
===>  Building for linuxthreads-2.2.3_10
Warning: Object directory not changed from original
echo '#include <i386/xm-i386.h>'        > config.h
echo '#include <xm-freebsd.h>'                          >> config.h
echo '#include "gansidecl.h"'                           > tconfig.h
echo '#include "i386/xm-i386.h"'        >> tconfig.h
echo '#include "i386/i386.h"'   > tm.h
echo '#include "i386/att.h"'                    >> tm.h
echo '#include <freebsd.h>'                             >> tm.h
echo '#include "i386/freebsd.h"'                >> tm.h
echo '#include "i386/perform.h"'                >> tm.h
make: don't know how to make libgcc1.c. Stop
*** Error code 2

Stop in /usr/ports/devel/linuxthreads.

I know that Linux binary compatibility is installed, as well as
/usr/src/gnu (installed that today, machine was upgraded to 4.8
a couple of months ago)

Any ideas on where I should look next?

 Mark P. Hennessy					      mark at

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