ATA Modes & Kernel Config

imacamper at imacamper at
Mon Jun 23 09:54:56 PDT 2003

I have a pentium 133 running FBSD 4.8.  In this system I have three ide 
disks, ad0, ad1, & ad2.  ad0 is a 850 mb drive and contains the root.  ad2 
is a 4 GB drive and contains the usr.  ad1 is unused.  ad0 and ad1 are on 
the primary ide and are master and slave, respectively.  ad2 is the master 
on the secondary ide. 

Recently, the power supply failed so I replaced it.  While I had the box 
open, I pulled the 10 mb Linksys network cards that used the ed driver and 
replaced them with NetGear 10/100 cards that use the dc driver. 

Because my kernel was only compiled with the ed driver, the netgear cards 
were not recognized.  So I booted with a 4.4 GENERIC kernel I had on the 
system and then edited my kernel conf and rebuilt my kernel. 

Before, ad0, ad1, and ad2 were all seen as BIOSPIO during boot.  Now when 
the system boots, ad0 and ad1 are seen as PIO3 and are OK.  However, when 
it's probing ad2 the bus resets then ad2 is seen as WDMA2. Then the bus 
resets two more times and the kernel panics with a trap '12'. 

I have since updated my source and rebuilt world and kernel by booting from 
both the 4.4 GENERIC kernel and my original 4.8 kernel.  I have even tried 
building the GENERIC 4.8 kernel.  However any kernel except the 4.4 GENERIC 
or my original 4.8 with ed support has the problem described above. 

Any ideas on how I can get my system running again would be greatly 
appreciated.  Please cc me at this address as I am not receiving the list 
due to this problem. 

Thanks for your help!!! 


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