Updating FBSD on one slice from another slice

D J Hawkey Jr hawkeyd at visi.com
Mon Jun 23 06:43:11 PDT 2003

Hello all.

I've got two similarly-sized, bootable, FBSD slices on a machine, one with
4.5 and the other with 4.2. My intention was/is to run the newer of the
two, and upgrade the older by 'cvsup' and 'make [build|install][world|kernel]'
_from_ the newer.

So, I'm running the newer installation now, and I want to upgrade the older
installation to 4.8. Doing the 'cvsup' seems straight-forward enough; just
change the "base" and "prefix" defines in my supfile from "/usr" to
"/mnt/s2/usr" (the mountpoint of the older /usr partition), bump the value
of the "tag" define to "RELENG_4_8", and run 'cvsup' as usual. Anything
deleted or downloaded will occur in the mounted path of the other, older
slice, right?

What I'm stumped with is how to tell 'make [build|install][world|kernel]'
to do their thing from the OS in the slice I'm running (the newer), but
do the reads and writes on the other, older slice. Same conundrum with
'mergemaster'; how do I tell it to do it's thing on that older slice?
A mountpoint on the newer slice I'm running, "/mnt/s2", is the older
slice's "/", so the entire other, older slice is visible.

Please CC me on replies to the list, as I'm not subscribed to it. TIA,

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