once again palm tungsten t + usb

Toni Schmidbauer toni at stderror.at
Mon Jun 23 02:01:03 PDT 2003


i am having problems getting my brand new tungsten t to hotsync
with my freebsd box. i followed the instructions in this 


posting, but with no luck. it seems that my problem is the usb
configuration. running "usbd -vvv -d" shows the following:

usbd: doing discovery on /dev/usb0
usbd: processing event queue on /dev/usb
usbd: device-attach event at 1056316780.907798000, Palm-Handheld,
Palm, Inc.:
  vndr=0x0830 prdct=0x0060 rlse=0x0100 clss=0x0000 subclss=0x0000

usbd: Found action 'USB device' for Palm-Handheld, Palm, Inc.
usbd: action 0: USB device

my usbd.conf has the following entries:

device "Palm-Handheld"
        devname "ucom0"
        vendor  0x0830
        product 0x0060
        attach "/usr/bin/ppp -auto palm"
        detach "/usr/bin/killall ppp && /usr/bin/killall pi-csd"

device "USB device"

so shouldn't the action be 'Palm-Handheld'? my kernel, usb and ppp
config is exactly as in the posting above.

had anyone more luck with his tungsten? or should i buy the
serial hotsync cable?

thanks for your time

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