About Patches

Jim Xochellis dxoch at escape.gr
Mon Jun 23 01:56:17 PDT 2003

Hi List,

I need to apply some security patches to my FreeBSD(i386) 4.7-RELEASE 
box and I am concerned about the possibility that I could actually harm 
my system while trying to apply this patches. (I am not a Unix guru 

1) Do I have to apply the security patches in a specific order?
2) Is there a chance were a patch requires a previous one? (In my case 
some patches are not applicable)
3) What if the code is not in the state that the patch requires? (For 
instance if I have updated that port)
4) Are the patches clever enough to protect me from harming my system?
5) Is there a safe way to undo a patch?

Thank you very much for your time
Jim Xochellis

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