Setup of a software RAID-1 to an existing system?

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Sun Jun 22 19:17:04 PDT 2003

On Mon, Jun 23, 2003 at 05:00:23AM +0300 or thereabouts, Johan Paul seemed to write:
> Hi all!
> This is repost from freebsd-newbies mailing list since this might be a 
> more suitable mailing list for my question.

You're right, it is.

> I am pretty new to FreeBSD but thought it might be a nice idea to
> migrate from a Linux server to a FreeBSD one.
> My question is regarding software RAID-1 for this FreeBSD box. I have
> two qually sized IDE hard drives and I installed FreeBSD 4.8 on the 
> other one. Now the question is: can I make a RAID-1 array of these
> two disks while FreeBSD is installed on the other one (using vinum or
> other...)? Or how do I get RAID-1 to work on these two disks? FreeBSD 
> got one slice from each disk that occupy the whole disk. Only the first 
> disk is partitioned into 4 pieces (details about the partitions might be 
> unneccesary...?).
> I've read some of the vinum documentation but it is unclear to me if
> it is possible to set up a RAID-1 on a running file system - and if my
> assumptions are correct, that it is impossible, it is unclear to me
> how to set up this software RAID-1?

I would read the "Bootstrapping Vinum" article in the FreeBSD Documentation
Set. Alternative is just backup your data, boot from the Fixit CDROM, run
vinum, restore.

-- Josh

> Regards,
> Johan Paul
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