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>>>>> On Sat, Jun 21, 2003 at 03:44:16PM BRT , Ian Todd wrote:
  |Ive done what u said but still not comeing right:
  |FREEBSD# pkg_add BitchX-1.0c19-FreeBSD4+Tcl1.5.tar.gz

Nope. You could do this if a package (.tgz extension), .tar.gz you must
unzip and untar in order to get a dir where you can install de program.

  |tar: +CONTENTS: Not found in archive
  |tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors
  |pkg_add: tar extract of /tmp/test/BitchX-1.0c19-FreeBSD4+Tcl1.5.tar.gz
  |pkg_add: unable to extract table of contents file from
  |'/tmp/test/BitchX-1.0c19-FreeBSD4+Tcl1.5.tar.gz' - not a package?
  |FREEBSD# cd /usr/ports/irc
  |FREEBSD# cd bitchx
  |FREEBSD# ls -a
  |.               Makefile        distinfo        pkg-comment
  |..              README.html     files           pkg-descr
  |FREEBSD# bitchx

  FREEBSD# make install clean

  |bitchx: Command not found.
  |FREEBSD# BitchX
  |BitchX: Command not found.
  |FREEBSD# make install distclean
  |>> ircii-pana-1.0c19.tar.gz doesn't seem to exist in
  |>> Attempting to fetch from
  | Host
  |not found
  |>> Attempting to fetch from
  |please help

Wait until the port to find the softwares. Or you can get all .tar.gz and
put then on /usr/ports/distfiles and repeat # make install clean

Sorry for so bad english.

See you,


  |as root, just use:
  |pkg_add BitchX-1.0c19-FreeBSD4+Tcl1.5.tar.gz
  |If this doesn't work, it is probably not a real FreeBSD package.
  |I usually compile things from ports. You will find BitchX in
  |/usr/ports/irc/bitchx. If you want to try compiling it, do this (as
  |cd /usr/ports/irc/bitchx
  | make install distclean
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  |> Hi
  | >
  |> I am a newbie to freebsd. I am having trouble on installing
  | > i know about the pkg_add. I downloaded BichX and its
  | > BitchX-1.0c19-FreeBSD4+Tcl1.5.tar.gz. How will i install that
  | > seeing that its an tar.gz file. ive use tar to extract it then i
  | > stuck. Im just using this file for an example.I would like to know
  | > whats the right way on installing packages.Help please.
  | >
  |> regards
  | > ian
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