Fortuna - 030621

Fortuna fortuna at
Sat Jun 21 07:42:10 PDT 2003


I am currently having a floppy disk drive problem.  I have searched all over the Internet for a solution to my problem and I have not found an answer.  You are my last resort.  

For a long time I always mounted the floppy drive by typing, "mount /dev/fd0 /floppy," and it worked fine.  Then one day I rebooted the system without unmounting 'fd0,' and now I cannot access it.  

I have tried different command combinations and nothing works.  

I keep on getting the following error:
mount: /dev/fd0: Device not configured

Later after researching my problem, I found out that I could have used 'mtools' all along.  When I tried using 'mtools,' to access the 'fd0' I get the following error:
plain_io: Device not configured
init A: could not read boot sector
cannot initialize 'A:'

Do you have any suggestions.  I would really appreciate it if you can help out.


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