Loading kernel modules twice

Fozzy the Bear mikemcmillan at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jun 21 01:13:41 PDT 2003

I was using 5.0 as my NAT router and everything was
fine, then I upgraded to 5.1 and I get this error, and
I can no longer ping the computers, it has two intel
etherexpress cards in it, and the first one still
works dialing the dsl:

module_register: module pci/if_fxp already exists!
Module pci/if_fxp failed to register:17
module_register: module cardbus/if_fxp already exists!
Module cardbus/if_fxp failed to register:17
module_register: module fxp/miibus already exists!
Module fxp/miibus failed to register:17
can't re-use a leaf (fxp_rur)

Sorry if there is a typo, I had to type it by hand. 


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